Eye rejuvenation

When we look in the mirror and notice the appearance of the first wrinkles around our eyes, we must accept that youth is slowly saying goodbye. But we don't have to say goodbye to a youthful appearance. With the help of modern technology and the use of Botox and derma fillers, eye wrinkles can be smoothed out in a simple way.

Preserving your youthful appearance

If you're bothered by a tired look and the wrinkles on your face, you can become a few years younger in just a couple of minutes. With an application of Botox or hyaluronic acid, which is one of the body's natural substances, or using a combination of both, we can effectively smooth out wrinkles around the eyes, on the forehead, between the eyebrows, under the nose and around the mouth, restoring elasticity and tension to the facial skin. Pain is minimal during injection and is comparable to a mosquito sting. The effect is already visible a few days after the first application and lasts from between six months and one year. After this time, the procedure must be repeated again. You can decide to undergo this treatment whenever you like but we don't advise it during pregnancy, in rare afflictions of the nerves or muscles and in the case of acute skin inflammation.

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An entirely safe procedure

Smoothing out wrinkles using Botox and hyaluronic acid is completely safe. There are no known long-term side effects of using these applications. In the short-term, redness may appear on the area of application but it usually disappears in several days. Bruising can occur only very rarely and also disappears in several days. This procedure has been used for over 25 years throughout the world and is the most popular therapy in the field of cosmetic medicine in the United States. At our centre, patients who have already corrected refractive error or improved their visual acuity with cataract surgery often later also decide on Botox injections. So they not only improve their vision, but also their look! Patients that most often decide on this treatment are over the age of 40.


  • Consultation prior to treatment
    Duration: 15 minutes

    Before taking the decision to rejuvenate yourself using applications of Botox and hyaluronic acid, we will first verify whether this type of treatment is suitable for you. If you are determined to be a good candidate, we will explain all realistic expectations, keeping it mind that the therapy does not work miracles, regardless of its proven great results. At the end of the consultation, we will explain how Botox and hyaluronic acid work, the procedure of application and provide answers to any of your remaining questions.

  • Course of procedure
    Duration: 20 minutes

    Botox and hyaluronic acid applications are quick and painless. They are injected in small quantities on the area where results are desired. Best results are achieved using a combination of both Botox and hyaluronic acid. Botox is used to relax the spasm of tiny subcutaneous facial muscles that cause wrinkles, while hyaluronic acid thickens the subcutaneous tissue that normally thins with ageing. This restores the skin's elasticity and tension. Botox injection takes just a few minutes, while injection of hyaluronic acid takes a little longer, lasting 15 to 20 minutes where the application must be injected deeper into the skin and on a larger surface area of the facial skin. For optimal results, quality products must of course be used. At our centre, we use only the products of leading American manufacturers.

  • Repeating the Procedure
    Duration: 20 minutes

    The first effects of Botox and hyaluronic acid injection are already visible in a few days and become completely visible after several weeks. They last from between three to six months. After this period of time, the procedure must be repeated.








What is the main difference between Botox and hyaluronic acid?

Botox is used to smooth out dynamic wrinkles that occur as a result of our facial expressions. It smooths wrinkles by relaxing muscle spasms. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance of the body that can be found in binders and in the skin and is used as a filler that restores elasticity and thickness the skin. It is used to smooth out deep wrinkles. The most effective treatment is a combination of both applications.

Are there any side effects to using Botox and fillers?

The safety of Botox and hyaluronic acid application has been proven by many studies. There are no long-term negative side effects. In the short-term, redness can occur on the site of the application but this usually disappears in several days. Bruising can occur only very rarely and also disappears in several days.

Can the long-term use of Botox make the face expressionless?

This would happen only with overuse. Gradual injections that are done on the basis of an individualized plan, create or rather, return, the face, its rested and rejuvenated appearance. Because the effect of Botox is not permanent, there is no need to fear its use.

Do I then have to use Botox and fillers for my entire life?

You don’t have to. But if you start with the therapy early enough, you postpone the appearance of wrinkles around eyes and face to later years. The best effect of this therapy is achieved with moderate use that is repeated at appropriate intervals, normally every 6 to 12 months.



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